22 October 2010

Those Dreaded Words

"Mommy, my tummy hurts".  That was my alarm clock at 5:30 this morning.  Needless to say, neither one of us was a happy camper.  Hobbit couldn't really explain how it hurt and I couldn't figure out what "it's just crampy" translated into before even envisioning a cup of coffee.

After a couple of tears and cuddles, my brain started working on the information it stored in the "Oddness" file from yesterday.  At the eye doctor, Hobbit said her tummy hurt a little and went to the potty.  Peanut took her while I signed her in and was given a report of rabbit pellets.  Raising one with tummy issues and having them myself, I knew what rabbit pellets meant but with the hectic evening we had, I forgot to head it off with some raisins for dessert.

So here I was at the butt crack of dawn with one constipated little girl.  Pokey got up, bleary-eyed and less than raring to go, and headed to the pharmacy to get something for little tummies.  He came home with some OTC assistance.  I had made his lunch and got his coffee cup together just in time to get him and Peanut out the door for their days.  I sat down, after giving Hobbit her medicine, to write her teacher and let her know that she will be out today but please have her homework waiting at the front office.  I am pretty sure it won't be ready but that's for a different post.

A medicated little girl with raisins and water in hand curl up on the sofa - I thought it would be safe to get a shower... I thought wrong.  All of a sudden, at the most inopportune time possible, I hear "Oh Mommy, this isn't going to be good".  I got out as soon as I could, hollering directions coupled with attempts at calming her down the whole time.... only to be greeted with a mess to clean up and a hysterical Hobbit.

The funny part is that a few minutes later she was asking for some toast with cinnamon and sugar.  I guess even our bodies will come up with 'creative solutions' in order to fix challenges... I just wish it had better aim.

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