16 October 2010

The Lady Can Cook

Most people have someone who inspires them in the kitchen.  Granted, y'all know of my love for Gordon Ramsay but sometimes his food is too poncy for me.  I love comfort food.  Things that spark memories - either in the making or bringing them back.  Tastes that give you a hug and tell you 'welcome home honey' - Gordon's food speaks volumes but not in my tantalizing southern accent.  No, that is left up to me and my girl - Paula Deen.

I have said a million times, and my husband will attest to this, that when I grow up, I'm going to be just like dear, sweet Paula Deen.  She is just sunshine with legs - could be her megawatt smile or her bubbly personality... I can't put my finger on exactly what it is but I can tell you that I love every bit of it.  She doesn't take herself seriously.  She's just a mama who loves her family and makes good home cooked eats for everyone to enjoy.  Nothing poncy.  Nothing posh.  Just food.  Normal, every day food that you would find in a normal every day kitchen - with sinful ingredients and satisfying results.

So when I grow up and have my Aga, which will probably be when my hair is just as beautifully snow white as Paula's, I will be sure to holler out the door to all my friends and family - megawatt smile intact - 'y'all come eat'... because that would truly be heaven on earth.

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