01 March 2011

The Strength of a Mom

Chills.  Sweating.  Aches.  That is how I felt all night because I have had a fever all night.  I can't have a fever.  I can't be sick.  Mamas don't get sick days.

On the agenda today:  Get Hobbit to school, fill out lottery paperwork for her new school, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, pick Peanut up from school, pick Hobbit up from school, help Hobbit with her homework and cooking supper.  All of these things have to be done because if I don't do them, they don't get done.  The position of "Mom" is not like an office job where you call out sick and others pick up the slack.  Nope.  I am the CEO of this house and if I'm not functioning, my house falls apart.

This isn't a message for sympathy or a pity party.  Not at all.  It is a simple reminder that there is no such thing as "Just a mom" because there are so many things that 'just' encompasses.  Moms are the strongest creatures that God ever created.  He made us to be able to endure things that would make others crumble. 

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "No ordinary work done by a man is either as hard or as responsible as the work of a woman who is bringing up a family of small children; for upon her time and strength demands are made not only every hour of the day but often every hour of the night."

I am the mama.  I don't get sick days.

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