17 May 2012

Diamonds and triangles and rain - oh my!

I really am loving this yarn that I dyed too.
It has been raining since yesterday - and I love it.  It's supposed to be rainy all day today and at least a 30% chance for the next seven days.  This is fabulous because we honestly need it.  Things around here have been so dry and I don't want to go through another summer on water restrictions.

On another happy note, I've got some crazy plans that are working out perfectly with my Aristotle bag.  I wanted a top flap but nothing real stiff and boring so I've formed a plan.  I'm going to make granny squares, turn them on their points and then join with bunting triangles, just at the top though for squaring off and leaving the bottom with the points to give a really funky edge to it all.  I've got two squares finished and I plan on making one more then the first bunting today.  Once those are done, I'm going to seam them with a single crochet bind so it has a raised lattice pattern... then I'll pick up the edge stitches and do about an inch and a half of stockinette to attach it to the bag.

I am so excited with how this is all turning out... happy dancing the day away, really.

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