28 May 2012

Found in the oddest places

Source Unknown - Message still powerful
I was reading through a knitting book, deciding if I was going to tackle the project on the side of everything else when I came across the greatest analogy.  I'm going to paraphrase so bear with me.  Basically, it asked what you would do if every day your bank account had a balance of $86,400. Nothing rolled over from the day prior and you couldn't overdraw.  Would you take it all out and hoard your treasure up (even though it would disappear on you every night) or would you do your best to spend it wisely every day?

Here comes the kick in the head - every day we are given 86,400 to do with what we will... they are the seconds in a day.  Each day we are given a fresh account balance of 86,400 seconds to do with what we will.  You can't borrow from tomorrow, you must live in the moment.  So do you chose to waste your treasure, or spend it wisely?

Today is Memorial Day, a time when we take a moment to give thanks to those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  They spent their treasure making sure that we had the opportunities to spend ours - how will you honor them?

Our time is a treasure so be sure to invest it so that your returns are great - in health and happiness... either for yourself or others.  There is no going back, there is only the present... all 86,400 seconds of it.

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