15 May 2012

Sunshine Award

I will be the first to admit that I don't usually re-post these little awards that run around.  Sure, they're cute but none of them are really "defined" as to why you got them or what they are for... but this one is and I'm rather proud that someone thought of me to receive it. 

The Sunshine Award is for happy blogs.. fun blogs.. and that is what I try to create here - a happy, fun place that makes you smile.  So thank you, Jen for choosing my silly space in the world as one of your top happy places.

The rules stipulate that I must now answer these 10 questions - so here we go:
  1. My favorite animal: I love turtles - they're just so cute.
  2. My favorite number: 8 - It's a long story that dates back to my lucky jersey that I wore on test days at college...
  3. My favorite non-alcoholic drink: (hot)Peppermint Mochas / (cold)Sweet tea
  4. Facebook or Twitter: I think Facebook so I can keep up with my family.
  5. My Passion:  Creative outlets... knitting, crochet, photography, writing, dyeing along with attempted sewing and spinning.
  6. Getting or Giving: I love to watch people open the presents I give them... but I'm horrible about hanging on to them until the right time to give them - I think I end up repurchasing Christmas stock during the year because I just can't wait to see their face when they get it.
  7. My favorite pattern:  I don't really have one... I love florals, plaids... if it is done in a pleasing color palette, it's a go for me.
  8. My favorite day of the week: I'm an odd duck, I like Mondays... but our house is odd too.  Monday is the day that Hobbit goes back to school from the weekend and it's Pokey's "work Friday" since he's off on Tuesday/Wednesday.  That means I get the day to clean up and get ready for my first weekend of the week.  My second favorite day is Friday for the very same reasons but flip the people's positions... yeah, I know - totally crazy!
  9. My favorite flower: I love gerbera daisies and tulips because they don't aggravate my allergies or asthma.
  10. My favorite country: I would love to go to the United Kingdom... to the point of I think I'm borderline obsessed with it.  It would be a dream come true for me.
Now comes the really fun part - I get to nominate 10 other people for this award.  Based off of this criteria, I choose these fabulous places and their creators:
  1. The Yarnista
  2. The Morning Latte
  3. One Sheepish Girl
  4. Needles, Pins and Baking Tins
  5. House of Humble
  6. Kevin & Amanda
  7. According to Matt
  8. Simply Notable
  9. Misadventures in Crafting
  10. Cozy Things
These aren't in any particular order because all of them will make you smile in some form or fashion.  Go and enjoy a grin on me... trust me, you'll love them.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! What a lovely award. I already read several of the blogs you nominated but am always happy to "discover" new ones!


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