06 May 2012

Sunday Snaps

I learned how to make a foundation chain AND a granny square strap...

how to create and attach a lining for a knitted or crocheted bag...

that perfect moments captured will always be perfect, regardless of nose art on windows...

and how to do Tunisian Crochet AND make a cute interchangeable flower to boot.
Wow, this has been a week full of discovery, hasn't it? 

The first week of HPKCHC has really gotten me fired up.  I've got my third homework assignment, a hedgehog for Herbology, on my needles that will be finished as soon as I post this and get back to her. The owl bag and the headband were submitted for History of Magic and Muggle Studies respectively.  Both have been accepted and scored - although I have yet to learn what all that truly means, I'm overjoyed all the same.

I also submitted my first Broom just a few minutes ago - from what I can gather, a broom is a larger project that will take four to six weeks to finish so you can work on it through out the term.  I am going to reattempt the Sun and Sea Shawl in my beautiful Bellini yarn since I gave up only a few rows in for a NerdWars challenge.  The yarn was rewound and has sat, slightly defeated, for over a month now.  I think because I can see the end of the school year in sight, I have more confidence that I can finish it. I won't be needing to remember my row in odd places because I have to stop suddenly when the school has let out - I can choose where I stop in the pattern repeat which should make for an easier time.

Speaking of frogging and reusing, I frogged Pokey's sweater yesterday. You'll see the yarn again - for that I am certain. I just didn't see the point in continuing a sweater that wasn't going to fit him properly.  I think instead of a pull over, I'll make him a cardigan and I will make it off his measurements, not what he insists his size is because his measurements don't factor in pride.  I know how he feels though because I personally think my tape measure has a vendetta against me, though I don't know why.

I've got to get on top of the laundry today but other than that - it's going to be a wonderful crafting day around here. I might even pull out the beads and such to let Hobbit get crazy for a while.

Anything crafty on the agenda for you today?


  1. Really love your owl bag! Nothing crafty for me...I am so busy doing work this weekend...totally sucks!

    1. Thank you - he's won me over and I can't part with him. Good luck with your work!

  2. Love the shawl - and I think I'm going to try and make it myself. I especially like the fact that it is done in cotton!

    1. I'm not a fan of cotton, well at least not the dishcloth cotton because it makes my hands tired. I think I picked a nice light yarn that would actually make the shawl useable here in Florida. I can't wait to see yours!!


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