31 May 2012

Well, I felt busy anyway

These are all the crafty things I accomplished this month
I thought it would be nice to look back at the end of the month and see what all I accomplished.  I always take photos of everything so I went through my pictures and this was all I found.  I felt much busier than this...
  1. I made Henry the Hedgehog (for HPKCHC).
  2. I made my owl purse (for HPKCHC).
  3. I dyed yarn with Easter egg dyes (for HPKCHC).
  4. I sewed a lining into my Aristotle bag.
  5. I dyed yarn with Kool-Aid (for HPKCHC).
  6. I dyed yarn with Wilton's.
  7. I made my first crochet dishrag (for a swap)
  8. I made mini socks (for HPKCHC).
  9. I swatched a hexagon (for NerdWars).
  10. I made a headband, learning Tunisian crochet (for HPKCHC).
  11. I made Aristotle (for HPKCHC).
I guess when you break it all down, it's not too shabby but I've been crafting non-stop all month and I only have these few things to show for it.  In my head, I had a veritable mountain of finished objects that would awe even the most seasoned crafter... but alas, only these 10 objects came to pass.

From a different angle, every single one of them was a product of me learning or trying something new - and I like that angle much better!  So there you have it - I learned how to do 11 new things this month and that truly is amazing to me.


  1. Wow! Just...WOW! You've had an amazing month!

    1. I love your subtle way of telling me I was being too hard on myself... lol.

  2. TEN completed projects in one month is pretty darn amazing! Nice work!

    1. Thank you - I guess because I felt like I was working nonstop that I just assumed there would be this super huge pile to show for it. My pile was just smaller than I envisioned but it's still rather cool - plus, Aristotle is a completely original design on the fly so that isn't too bad.


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