25 May 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 5/25 - 5/28

We've got a long weekend ahead before we wrap up the school year around here.
  1. I plan on watching an insane amount of movies - mostly because Hobbit was home sick today with tummy trouble and when she's feeling puny, the TV never goes off... much to my chagrin.
  2. Several swap packages are sitting open on my entryway table, awaiting their final presents to be made.  Working on these will keep me awake during all of the aforementioned movies.
  3. I need to write notes to each of my spoilees - I always forget to do this part so I might just do it now and get it over with so I don't end up at the post office, frustrated because I just remembered that I forgot to write the notes!
  4. That's my dye recipe book. I am hoping to add a few new ones over the holiday weekend - if I can get my hands on some wool at a reasonable price.  If not, I've got a pumpkin in my stash that I'm not crazy about... I wonder if I could overdye it...
So that's my holiday weekend.  Fingers crossed that Hobbit's tummy feels better tomorrow and our entire weekend isn't spent with her walking around all icky with her blankie, Henry and a bucket.  It's a rather sad sight.

Anything exciting going on with your family this Memorial Day weekend?


  1. Sigh! I love the image of those potholders! I love potholders. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. These are washrags because if you have to do dishes, at least have a pretty cloth to do them with. I like the hotpad idea though... I wonder if I doubled up on the cotton if it would work.


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