07 May 2012

Only 4 more

Isn't he just too precious for words!
That's how many Mondays we have left until Summer Break.  I can't wait. I will admit it, I'm so tired of chauffeur duty and could really use a break for a while. I know, I know... "but in a few weeks you'll be saying how you can't wait for school to begin" - your point?  It's a vicious cycle, what can I say.

I am honestly just sitting here, killing time, waiting to hear back if my 'Order of the Phoenix' proposal has been approved.  I had to modify my original a bit, which I did early  yesterday, but I still haven't heard anything.  If it isn't then I will have to find another pattern that might work.  I was hoping to incorporate my OotP in with my NerdWars dissertation for Tournament 5 but I think I'll just focus on this one and perhaps I'll combine them for Tournament 6 this winter.

I guess he found what he was looking for
I did finish my Herbology homework the other day... which is currently sleeping with Hobbit.  His name is Henry and he's a hedgehog. I wrote a silly little story about how he wasn't interested in invading the Hufflepuff greenhouse but instead was looking for the love of a little girl. The only way I would agree to him staying was to stand guard against other hedgehogs and knarls, telling them to try one of the other greenhouses instead because ours was no good.  It was fun and rather cute. I really like him too... do you notice his body.  Any guesses as to where that yarn came from? Yeah, it's Pokey's frogged sweater... looks great as a hedgehog though, doesn't it.

Time to get cracking. I've got a Hobbit to rouse, laundry to start, shopping to do and all sorts of other odds and ends today. Only a few more days of getting up early though... then, it will be the lazy days of summer.  Remind me of this when I start to fuss about a 'bored' child - I couldn't wait, remember.


  1. That is one cute hedgehog!! Laura x

    1. He did come out surprisingly cute. I would never have thought that regarding a hedgehog but now, I know better.

  2. Oh my gosh! My daughter and I both have a thing for hedgehogs! Is that a pattern you made up or can I find it somewhere? (is it simple enough for me to do?). I have to have this!!! He. Is. Amazing!

    1. You're so cute... yes, he's a pattern that is available. Mine was gifted to me from a fellow Hufflepuff on Ravelry. It is very simple and yes, you most definitely can do it. Here is the pattern link ~ http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-oddment-hedgehog


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