24 May 2012


Even they look like they could use a drink!
I had a blast the other day, running around all the parks of Walt Disney World with my friend but I have to say - the heat in Florida is just disgusting. Yes, I know I grew up in the deep south and should be used to it but I honestly don't think there is any way that a person could "get used to" this stuff.

I ended up drinking five and a half bottles of water and ended the day standing in a cool shower. When your whole body feels as though it is made out of jello, that's just not good.  By nightfall, I was walking like an 80-year-old ex-footballer with unsuccessful knee surgery.  It was a sight, I'm sure. I also have a most interesting sunburn around 3/4 of my neck... my bag strap blocked 1/4 of it... that will look interesting in my swimsuit.  Forget the "farmer's tan", I've got "Park Hopper tan!"

It's looking like we might be able to stay on property for a night or two and have a mini-vacation this summer which has every member of the house excited. I even called and got Buddy set up with bordering, just in case.  It will be a last minute booking but with all the discounts I have saved on this thing, it should work - just waiting on our paycheck from the 1st to see if we can do it. Thank goodness, June is a "3 paycheck month" - and I promised Pokey that we could do something like this with it since we haven't had a vacation in a few years.

Pluto's ready for some fun - and so are we!
Little day trips are fun and we love them but there is nothing that compares to spending the morning in the parks, the afternoon at the resort pools and then back to the parks for the end of the day - maybe even another dip in the pool before bed.  It just adds to the wonder of the day.  Sure, we're only an hour and a half from our own home but it feels like we've gone so far away when we can stay.

There are times when we all need to just recoup - from work, from people, from life... but it's always more fun to require a bit of a recoup from play, don't you agree?

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