12 May 2012

Icing dyes and recipe books

I call this one "Tonks"
Hungry? Unless you're looking to add a bit of fiber, this post won't help you with that at all... because I'm talking about latest obsession - dyeing yarn!

Remember how I needed a purple to finish my bag?  Well, I made it yesterday and I took my first step into dyeing with Wilton's icing dyes.  I have to say, I loved it!! Not only can I now jot down my recipes for fabulous colorways, I can honestly attempt to recreate them with a bit more confidence that it will turn out the same since the dye is measured and controllable.

I have even learned a few things along the way - Violet will split and turn more blue when it hits vinegar so you can bring it back to purple by adding some red or burgundy... and once the yarn has dried overnight, if it is still just a bit damp in spots, you can place it in a cold oven, turn the temperature to 200F and set a timer for 10 minutes - end result is dried yarn with no felting.  I know this works on worsted/aran weight yarn since I just pulled mine out!

I am having a great time on this new crafting adventure. My only issue - I've currently run out of bare naked yarn!

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