20 May 2012

Sunday Snaps

I have had a bit of "tunnel vision" this week...

plus I discovered photo thieves - while flattering, it is frustrating...

which caused me to revamp my copyright watermark position.

Hobbit got some awesome new glass that turn into shades when she's in the sun.

My creative vision has actually worked when it has come to my Aristotle bag...

I bound off the flap last night and I am really tickled with how it looks.

Isn't that little ruffle edge just the sweetest thing ever!
Aristotle was supposed to be a felted bag.  It may still become one but for now, I'm enjoying the precious details that I added. My biggest fear with felting it now is that all of those sweet things will be lost when it's done. I have no way of knowing for certain so sooner or later I will have to make up my mind but for now, I'm just enjoying them.

I'm off to make my mini socks for Quidditch - Hufflepuffs are the reigning champs, three times over, and I aim to do my part to keep it that way.  I hope y'all are having an equally satisfying weekend... enjoy!


  1. I love the bright colours in your bag! And Hobbit must be very happy with her new glasses. :-)

    1. It didn't mute any in the felting process either... lol. Hobbit really does love her new glasses - the sunglasses part is fabulous and I'm going to get some when I get new ones too.

  2. Very nice bag! Nice and bright and happy! Really? Someone stole your photos? I have never worried about watermarks, I have no idea how to do them.

    1. Yeah, my photos were wandering around the world without my copyright in the corner. I requested that they be removed under copyright infringement so we'll see what happens. Watermarking is easy though - I use PicMonkey.com and you just type what you want and add it as an overlay. I think it takes a grand total of 4 clicks - nothing fancy.


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