05 May 2012

Simple enough, right?

I love the fabric Tunisian crochet makes.
I finished my Tunisian headband last night.  I actually modified it a lot because I was tired of  my hands hurting.  I decreased it down to four stitches and then busted out my dpns to make an i-cord for the part that goes under your hair and finished it with a button hole end.  I even wrapped the button hole edge with yarn to give it a more finished look and to keep it from losing it's shape.  I admit, it is boring and plain.

Then I had a cool thought - I'll make flowers that have a center hole large enough to go over a button and they can be interchangeable.  This is going to a person for a swap and I know she crochets so she can continue on with the flower idea or whatever she wishes.  Yep, it was the perfect idea and it was simple enough, right?

Wrong! I have been scouring the crochet world for a flower pattern to fit my criteria and it doesn't seem to exist - or it's just eluding me... another real possibility.  All of the patterns I find seem to be too complicated (chain 65, dc, htr, 3hdc, hair of dog, eye of newt, 4sc* repeat) or the central hole where the button would go can't be modified larger or else the flower loses it's beautiful shape and structure.  After multiple patterns and attempts last night, I went to bed - defeated.

This morning I am going to do my best to tackle this again today. I know that I could simply attach some colorful buttons on there and write a note describing what all could be done but I'd much rather have at least two flowers in the package so she has something fabulous to start with and it feels more complete. Sure, part of it is placating the slight twinge of guilt for not parting with Owl-tstanding but a larger part of it is that I want to make it perfect.

Do you know of any good flower patterns that would work?


  1. I can't speak to the ease of one crochet pattern or another (since I can't read them), but I did find this: http://www.kiwi-little-things.com/blog/super-easy-3-in-1-crocheted-headband-here-is-the-pattern/

    Dunno if it's helpful; can't wait to see what you do?

    p.s. in a pinch: knitted flowers?

  2. neat idea -- would this one work? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flower-11

  3. Or what about this one without the garland?

  4. This one looks pretty simple -- would work with a small button maybe? http://www.examiner.com/article/mini-flower-applique-free-crochet-pattern or another option would be to add a safety pin to the back of a flower without a hole and she could switch them up by pinning them on?

  5. I don't crochet, so I don't have any suggestions. But I do think that's a brilliant idea. The texture is great and a flower would really make it a dynamite project.

  6. Thanks everyone! I was able to work a pattern that someone emailed me and I think it turned out alright. I appreciate all the help!!


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