11 December 2010

All Clear

I checked to see if I had posted about this before and it appears as though I hadn't so let me get y'all up to speed on the situation.  It will require a bit of a back story so I'll wait while you get your coffee... dum diddley dum... ready?  Alrighty.

Y'all remember how Hobbit was waking up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache and I was taking her to her pediatrician almost every other week?  They tried to tell me she had acid reflux and by the third visit regarding this issue we were told to ignore her and she was advised to pray about her belly and tell it that she won't tolerate such things any longer... oh yeah, that is their nice way of saying they thought she was faking it.

Now fast forward to last Wednesday afternoon.  I get a phone call from the school nurse (her name is Mrs. Cookie - seriously, isn't that perfect!) telling me that Hobbit is in severe pain over her belly and I needed to come get her.  I packed Peanut up in the car and off we go to get Hobbit.  When I get there, she busts out in tears which doesn't do much for me so I ask her if she can wait a few hours to go back to see her doctor or if we had to go to the special doctors now... she opted for now so off to the ER we went.

Long story short, Hobbit had a really bad UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  This could have easily been solved by a simple pee test weeks ago but her pediatrician never ordered one.  We left the hospital with a prescription for a sulfa medicine which we later learned through a severe case of hives at midnight, that she is allergic to sulfa medicines.  I was furious with her pediatrician when I learned that this is what she had but I called them at midnight over her hives anyway.  I explained our ER visit and how she is now covered in hives.  Do you know what they told me - keep giving her the medicine but add Benadryl to it... that's it, they were fired.  Hobbit is allergic to Benadryl!

As soon as it is light out, I call my doctor to see if they will see Hobbit since she is only 5 - thank Heaven above, they would see her!  We go in that afternoon and the first thing he says is that she allergic to that particular type of medication which is not uncommon, hence the reason they rarely use it any longer.  He asked if she could swallow a pill (which she can) and gives her something else.  He asks her questions and she answers very articulately - they laughed and learned about one another so in the future things would be comfortable.  Everyone was smiling when we headed to the front to get an appointment for a week later to make sure it's all gone and head out the door.

That evening, I get a phone call from her original doctor - you know, the one who has seen her since birth - and they are inquiring as to why I didn't bring Hobbit in to the office today.  I simply said "Oh, because y'all aren't her doctor any more"... that got me a chat with the one we have dubbed OME (Office Manager Elaine).  Once again, I relay the information and she tries to tell me that the ER was wrong because the only way to diagnose a UTI is through a culture which takes several days to mature and that over the course of all those weeks that I must have misunderstood what the doctor was saying.  Are you serious... you want to go there with me?  Okay OME, let's dance.  I informed her that their practice was still listed as her primary care physician and they were more than welcome to get the results.  As far as misunderstanding, perhaps she should rethink that position and get back to me on it after she discusses with the doctor because I can guarandamntee her that I did not misunderstand.  OME said that they would do that and call me back no later than Monday of the next week.  I said sure and hung up, so annoyed that I could have spit nails.

Welp, it's now Saturday morning and I have one healthy Hobbit.  We went for our follow up yesterday and the test came back completely clear.  She has been sleeping through the night just fine and even her panties have been completely dry, not damp like before.  The faint smell of urine is gone from the laundry hampers and our house is returning to normal.  Oh, and her former pediatrician never called back... wonder if it is because OME realized everything I said was true, the culture came back positive for a UTI and they would have had to admit they were wrong.  Either way, it doesn't matter.  They're fired and my baby girl is right as rain again.


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