07 December 2010

Bunny Hat for Hobbit

So I'm in a hat making mood.  I know I should be working on Christmas presents but they are such huge undertakings that I just am too daunted by the task, I'll be honest.  I finished Pokey's hat last night and it was so cold this morning walking to the bus stop with Hobbit that I realized, she doesn't have a hat.  That got my cranial wheels turning and I figured out the perfect one - a bunny hat!

Now I found some off white Mellowspun by Mary Maxim in my stash and some beautiful pink with no tag that will work perfectly.  Here is the pattern that I have worked out in my head, ears and all!  I'll be working it up today and will make any necessary tweaks but I'm pretty confident that this will work.

UPDATE 12/2011 ~  This pattern was chosen by Planet Purl to be published in one of their books.  I have removed the pattern for the time being for that reason.

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