25 December 2010

I'm A Nerd

I admit it.  I embrace it.  I'm a nerd.

Brings tears to your eyes too, huh
This morning, I was brought to tears by cookware.  My sweet Pokey surprised me with a set of Paula Deen cookware and I sat there blubbering like a big ol' girl.  Well, I am a big ol' girl but that isn't the point.  Hobbit didn't understand why someone would cry if they're happy and Peanut didn't understand why someone would cry over pots and pans.  Pokey understood.  He knew he'd 'done good' too.

To take it one step further - I used my new tripod and basket to stage a photo shoot for my new cookware!  Yeah, I know.  I told you, I'm a nerd.

This is some sexy cookware - thank you Paula Deen!

Even the bottom is cool.

1 comment:

  1. So nice to have you visit me today - Merry Christmas to you and your family. LOVE your new cookware - seriously - that is beautiful - (I think I want some like that!)

    a former Disney cast member - where? Florida? I have a friend who worked up the ranks there as well - was there forever~~~.

    I see you are a knitter - way cool! (love my knitter friends!) (we can be soul sisters!)

    Have a wonderful Holiday weekend~



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