19 December 2010

Perspectives Change

We took the kids to the Magic Kingdom (thanks again, Melody!) this past Friday and it's amazing how perspectives change with age.  The magic is still there but the reasons for it evolve with you.

When I was little, I would get so excited to see Mickey Mouse that I couldn't stand it - very few could stand me while I couldn't stand it - but now that I am older, I get more excited to see my kids meet him than actually meeting him myself.  I no longer look at the surroundings with wonderment but instead, I look at my children with wonderment as I watch them discover the same joys I did as a child.

Hobbit's biggest wish was to ride Cinderella's Golden Carousel and meet Mickey.  Peanuts was to ride the Haunted Mansion.  Pokey and I simply wanted to watch them have their wishes come true.  While the girls left the park with a new fuzzy friend and some gorgeous trinkets to remember the trip by, I left with a heart full of love and head full of memories - and a bazillion pictures but who's counting.

It's really amazing how our perspective change.  We all had a perfect trip for very different, and equally perfect, reasons.

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