06 December 2010

Pokey's "Superstar" Hat

When we were first married, I made Pokey a hat.  It was really cold that winter and he shaves his head so he was doubly cold.  One day he made a comment about how he wished he had a hat to wear.  Ding!  A light bulb went off in my head and I sat down the very next day and learned how to knit a hat.  This was before I learned of the glory of circular needles so his hat has a seam up the back.  Pokey likes it that way so he knows which is the front and which is the back... he's such a silly man.

Well, it's time for Pokey to get a new hat because his old has seen better days.  It is starting to wear thin and look, ummm, well-loved shall we say.  I set out with Hobbit the other day to find yarn that 'looked like Daddy', at least according to Hobbit.  We found it - and so the "Superstar" hat can begin!  We picked up a new brand, well it's new to me, from Hobby Lobby called "I Love This Yarn!" and we got dye lot 1708 for Autumn Stripe.  It is a beautiful variegation of rusts, browns and greens.  It is close enough to his old hat that he should be in hog heaven.

Here is my pattern for his "Superstar" hat - named as such because of the love for his old hat and the star design on the top.

I casted on 95 stitches on my size 8 circular needles.  After joining, I worked in a 2x2 ribbing (k2, p2) and ended the row with one purl stitch.  This pattern continues for 1" to make the band.  The rest of the hat will be done in stockinette stitch - the beauty of circular needles is that means it's all simple knit!

Now, once the hat reaches 5" from finished edge, you start the decreasing.  I worked it out as follows:
Dec Row 1:  *k17, k2tog, repeat from * to end of row
Dec Row 2:  knit
Dec Row 3: *k16, k2tog, repeat from * to end of row

Superstar in progress
Continue in this fashion all the way through k2tog, k2tog... should be 8 stitches left but I'm not 100% sure.  Oh yeah, at some point you will change to dpns.  It is inevitable and I do apologize if you don't like working with them - they can be tricky until you get comfortable with it.  If  you don't wish to do that, might I suggest working the body of the hat for 7" and then use the decreasing row pattern for 1", binding off and sewing a seam on the top... it's a nice alternative if dpns simply confuse or frustrate you.

Okay, now with the 8 stitches that are left on the needle.  Cut a tail that is about 2" long and weave it back through all the stitches.  Flip your hat inside out and pull tight - not so tight that you break your yarn... don't laugh, I've done it.  Just pull tight enough that you close the top completely.  Now, finish it off and weave the tail down through roughly 6 stitches to secure it.  Voila - Superstar hat!

I'll post a picture of it later on, once I finish it... now it's time to snuggle on with my coffee, knitting and some shows I recorded off BBC... see ya soon!
© peppermintmochamama

**Update - if you knit this all way down to the k2tog, k2tog then you will have a point on your hat.  Pokey thinks it is cute and loves it that way but if you aren't too keen on such things then simply stop when you have roughly 13 stitches on your needles.  This will give you a nice rounded but flat crown to the hat.  Just an FYI since I took it all way to the k2tog, k2tog and was left with 4 stitches and a pointed top.  I wanted to add a pom pom but I got a look... lol.**

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