19 December 2010

Turkey Leftovers Face-Lift

I had a HUGE turkey for Thanksgiving - we still have 2 pounds left over in the freezer and Christmas is this Saturday!  So I pulled a pound out and decided that I was going to figure something out that was different than just reheated on a plate with mash.  Here's the little face lift I came up with:

Face-lifts never looked so good!
1 lb cooked turkey
1 can golden sweet corn
16 oz of turkey gravy (I had some frozen from Thanksgiving but you could use a sawmill gravy, just make it a bit runny)
1 pkg of Rotini noodles

Reheat turkey in gravy at a 350 oven for twenty minutes.  While turkey is heating, prepare noodles per instructions and heat corn through.  Drain noodles, remove turkey in gravy from the oven and toss all items together.  I mixed the corn with a nob of butter, salt and pepper. Then I put the noodles on top, mixed it up and placed the turkey with gravy last to mix. It seems to infuse the flavors better this way.  Either way, I hope you enjoy.  I made some biscuits and had a little salad on the side.  It's all up to you.  Just something different to do that I thought others might like as well.

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