23 December 2010

The Mama Card

You know you've used - I just did.  Peanut is not a big fan of having  her picture taken but I am a big fan of taking pictures - can you see the issue here?  Well, not only have I played the Mama Card, I used a bit of Mama Guilt as well.

Peanut leaves for college on August 27th.  I know this.  I have the days counted down.  I cry when I think about it.  I know the exact mileage from our front door to her dorm (1639 if you are curious).  Peanut is my baby, my first born.  Soon she will start her own life so a mom has to do what a mom has to do.
Peanut - the elusive teenager

I explained this situation to her and how one day, she's going to miss my tormenting her.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day - oh yes, one day she will miss it.  So, in order for me to stock pile time for when she has abandoned me for loftier aspirations and cooler people, I requested a photo shoot today... well, not so much requested as informed.

Pokey is taking Hobbit with him as he goes Christmas shopping so I'm making Peanut go with me so I can take her picture to my heart's content - yeah, it's going to take hours I'm sure.  I will surprise her with lunch of her choosing (I'm guessing we'll end up at Taco Bell) but this morning is going to be all for me.

The Mama Card - don't leave home without it.

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