26 December 2010

Issues... ugh

I have been noodling with this site for weeks.  It's almost as bad as having to go clothes shopping because you hate everything in your closet.  You go to your favorite boutique and grab a few items that look fabulous on the rack but once you put them on and look in the 3-way mirror, you become the most indecisive and difficult to please individual to ever walk the planet.

I really don't want much - just something crisp.  Something clean.  Something easy on the eyes.  Something that won't detract from photos or alter the color perception.  I want all of these things and I don't want it boring.  I apparently want the impossible.

I look at all the lovely ladies' sites and they pop.  They leave a mark as to who they are and it gives a great presentation of them.  One lovely lady is cozy, another is precise and yet another is a hot mess but not so much so that you run screaming naked down the street waiting for a member of your family to claim you.  Their sites represent them perfectly - is it too much to want the same?

I want my site to reflect me.  Yes, I know my words and photos do that but I want the site to make you feel like you just snuggled into my sofa, cup of coffee on the table, knitting in hand and ready to chat away the day.  Perhaps I over think it...  Perhaps I ask too much...  Perhaps I just need to back away from the computer and go knit for a bit.

I think I'll choose the later for right now and beg your forgiveness as my caterpillar of a site works at becoming a butterfly.

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