29 December 2010

Today... Hopefully... No... Definitely

Right now, it's just "Ear" to you - must finish second on today.
I have been noodling with Ears To You since I came up with the pattern back on December 7th.  Have I finished it, nope, not yet.  Every time I sit down to knit, something comes up.  Buddy Dog needs to go outside and kill the grass.  Kids need attention.  Laundry needs flipped and folded and put up.  Food needs to be cooked.  Body needs sleep.  It's a vicious and never-ending carousel of excuses.  Well, no more I say, no more!

Today I am going to finish Hobbit's bunny ear hat if it kills me - dramatic?  Yes.  Necessary?  Yes.  I can be a bit of a procrastiknitter at times and I am working on that for the new year.

Wish me luck - I'm off to finish Ears To You... no seriously, I am.

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