19 October 2011

Congratulations, Susan P!

Sure, it happened past midnight and I had given my little challenge a cut off of midnight... but just like the Pirate Code, it was more of a guideline really.  With that said - Congratulations to Susan Padilla!!

I did a very scientific means of pulling a number for this - I looked over at my yet to caffeine-inhanced husband and said "Pokey, pick a number between 1 and 65" to which he closed his eyes and said "Okay, got it"... and then waited for something magical to happen.  I, still waiting to be caffeine-inhanced, waited for a good minute before I realized that I did not have the necessary training or power to guess his number so he had to tell it to me.  I counted backwards on the listing, skipping myself and Pokey, and landed on Susan.

So Susie-Q, shoot me an email and I'll gather up five patterns to send to you.  You can even throw in suggestions or wishes - I may honor them, you just never know.  Please note, all the patterns in my collection are free to the universe so I am not violating any copyrights.  Well, that's not true - I did pay for one downloaded pattern but I know which one that is so I won't be sending it... but all the others (and I'm talking hundreds folks) are fair game.  Oh yeah, and if I don't hear from Susan by Saturday, I'll just have Hobbit give me a number and we'll try it again.

Great job on adding five more friends to our party... we're that much closer to 100 and one heck of a goodie bag!!  Gosh, I feel like Ellen... woo hoo!


  1. I love the scientific approach to your determining a winner for your give-away! I may need to borrow your husband sometime in future! : )


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