17 October 2011

Motivational Mondays

I'm only going to focus on one aspect this week - Spiritual.  Now most people, when they see that word, jump to thoughts of whatever higher power they believe in - and that's fine... but today, I'm going to look at a different aspect of it - blessings.

When life gets overwhelming and I feel like I'm slipping into a negative kind of funk, I like to take a step back and focus on a blessing.  Just one.  Really look at it from start to finish and see the value in it... and today, I want to share with you one of my sweetest blessings, Mrs. CB.  Now, I didn't ask permission to speak about her today, which is why she is being called "Mrs. CB" and those who know me will know, that isn't a very creative name for her since it's just her initials but still - I felt moved to honour her today and I know she would refuse because she is wonderful like that.. so basically, I'm being a stinker.

Some of the most amazing people in my life are ones that I have never actually met

Here are the facts about Mrs. CB and myself.  There is a generation gap between us.  She is 1084 miles north of me and we have never actually met.  By all accounts, we should not be friends - shoot, we should not even know the other exists.. but we do, and I'm blessed.  I met Mrs. CB when she and her adorable daughter, I'll call her "Miss. J", started knitting hats for a charity that I founded.  Every month I knew I would I get a box full of hats from them - beautiful craftsmanship and always a sweet note tucked inside.  After a year or so, we connected on Facebook (wonderful invention, thanks so much Mr. Zuckerberg) and our working relationship steadily grew into a friendship and now, 3 years later, I don't remember a time without her in my life.

My surprise parcel of yarnie goodness
Mrs. CB is a sweet, caring, compassionate woman who puts the world before herself.  She has a beautiful family that is a true testament to her values.  Always working for her church or a charity, Mrs. CB stops for nothing (not even illness) to make sure that everyone around her is taken care of and happy.  Giving more than could ever be expected, she is such an inspiration.  Just the other day, we were having a conversation via Facebook about patterns.  Mrs. CB made mention that she found some wonderful items and offered to share them with me.  I was excited because if anyone knows my love of patterns, it's her!  I expected to get an email with some pdf files attached - silly me.  I should have known better - this is Mrs. CB after all.  By the end of the week, I had a parcel delivered to my house that not only had 12 gorgeous patterns inside but 4 skeins of beautiful yarn to boot!!

I was blessed back in 2009 to meet her and every day that blessing grows.  She reminds me almost daily, though she may not even be aware, that the best way to make your world better is to better someone elses first.  So thank you, Mrs. CB, for being such a blessing to me and I will most definitely being paying your love forward.


  1. Oh you really need a love reaction for this blog. Thank you, it's such a wonderful post, and so very, very true! When people say Spiritual to me, that's right where my mind jumps, but you're so right in that blessings are all around us, and I should take a moment to stop and count them. I love your preent and I'm happy for you, but I love this post and thank you for the reminder.

  2. What a great post! Thanks for giving me a good monday-morning-wakeup!

  3. Thank you. Oftentimes MOndays are not good days (today is tho cause it is my day off and we marked off something that has been on our TO DO list for a looooong time) but, even if it wasnt, your post would have definitely brought a smile to this Monday!

  4. She sounds like a wonderful person, and what a lovely way to honour her.


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