07 October 2011

Weekend Wonderment ~ 10/7 - 10/9

A rather quiet weekend, really.
  1. Plug away on my Nerd Wars:  Giving Geeks (Think Pink) challenge project.
  2. Try and finish "The Help" and then start Debbie Macomber's "Hannah's List".
  3. Make a new dessert from my Disney cookbook... thinking of Twinkie Tiramisu.
  4. Work at least 4 rows a day on my Hallow Pullover sleeve.
Not a lot of things on my weekend plate but enough to keep me content.  I have decided that I if I can sit down and simply do 4 rows a day on my sleeve, it will either respark my love of the project or simply complete it... either way, it will get worked on.  I know my poor husband would love to wear it, even though I keep joking with him that I'm just going to make it a sweater vest and call it done.  At this rate, he might be starting to believe me on that one.

I am loving "The Help".  This next statement is not going to make sense to a lot of people who have read the book but it makes me homesick.  I spent a large portion of my life in Alabama so the dialect that Miss Aibileen and Miss Minny speak in, and how I hear Miss Skeeter, sound like home to me.  Sure, my mama is a Yankee and sounds nothing like these characters but the place I call home does... and there is nothing sweeter than sound of a relaxed, genuine honest-to-goodness Southern drawl.  It's heavenly and it's home to me.

My scarf is coming along  beautifully.  The other night, Pokey went to bed early because he didn't sleep well the night prior which me left up all alone.  I put on "Luther" and then "Ellen", all the while working on my scarf - paying close attention to the pattern and not letting my mind wander.  I have made some good progress on it and hope to double it in length again over the weekend.  If I am fortunate to keep up the pace I have set for myself on it, I should be able to finish it (and a matching hat) before the challenge month is up.  I'm only shooting for the scarf, the hat would be a Team Unity project bonus.

I've been having a hankering for something sweet for about two weeks now.  Nothing I have tried has satiated my desire so I've decided to venture into new dessert territory.  This recipe for Twinkie Tiramisu sounds really interesting so I'm going to add the missing ingredients to my shopping list and see if it will work.  Either way, it will be delicious, I'm sure.

So that's my weekend in a snapshot - what do you have planned?  Anything exciting?

1 comment:

  1. I have Hannah's List - but haven't read it yet...

    I have to finish knitting a dish cloth that needs to be in the mail on Monday...


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