12 October 2011

Random daydream wishes

Have you ever had a day where you can't really make a cohesive thought but instead it all just comes out as random bits of information that you pray whomever you are talking to knows you well enough to fill in the blanks?  Yeah, me too - I'm having one today actually which makes posting rather difficult.  So I'll share my random daydreams with you in picture form ~
I seem to be slowly losing my bras.  Not sure where they're going... probably partying with my other sock.

Sometimes, I get tired of being Ren McCormick and would much rather be Rusty

Love it - but why K-Mart... I mean seriously... K-Mart?

I can't wait until Hobbit and I go weekend after next... wish Pokey was off too.

I want to go yarn shopping... specifically, I want to go hog flipping wild shopping for her yarn.

I want a nap

So all of that is going through my mind - practically simultaneously... see why I can't make a cohesive sentence.  Oh well - I guess I'll just write today off and let it work it's way through.  Thank goodness Pokey is used to these days - he finds them rather amusing actually.. it's like a game I guess.  Time to go and find my way to my knitting - hope I don't get lost... don't laugh - it's happened.

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