16 October 2011

Sunday Snaps

I played with the moon for a bit...

Peanut sent Hobbit a new doll which hasn't left her side since she opened it on Tuesday...

I've been getting this face.. a lot... no idea why he's so needy lately but have a fuzzy huge shadow...

To bind and repeat with center graphing or not... that is the question.
All in all it was a slow week around here.  Nothing overly exciting happened - I hardly took any photos at all which amazes me.  You can always tell when the weeks are getting cooler because I find so many more fun things to do which makes me forget to take photographs.  One would think that I would remember my camera but I can assure you, I never fall into that "one"category.  At least this week, Hobbit has Friday off from school for a teacher planning day... I think we're going to travel around the world that day.

Oh, don't forget about our magic number (100, in case you actually did forget)... just yesterday I made three new friends.  So very exciting.  Now we only have 37 more to go - I know you can do it, I've seen your handy work.


  1. What a pretty lace pattern! I definitely vote for the graphing, it just looks so much more polished!

  2. Sometimes it is great when you have so many wonderful things going on that you forget to take pictures!
    Love Hobbit and her doll!


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