14 October 2011

Weekend Wonderment ~ 10/14 - 10/16

It's going to be a lovely weekend, it is.
  1. Focus all my knitting energy on my Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf for Nerd Wars... which means that 1.2 is required for focusing.  My favorite combination is hanging out in Stars Hallow with my knitting.
  2. Read some more of this hilarious book.  I know I initially said I was going to read "Hannah's List" by the very talented Debbie Macomber but my heart broke in the first three pages... I needed something lighter.  I'm sure I'll pick it up again after this one when I can handle the emotional strain of her story better.
  3. Get off my fluffy tushy and start moving... I'll play a little bit every day with Hobbit - it's fun and exercise.  Anything is good as long as your moving, right?
What do you have planned for this wonderful weekend?


  1. Have a great weekend. I'm going to a Women's Retreat planning meeting all day Saturday. Taking my current sock project to work on during the day. Have a great weekend!

  2. I ADORE gilmore girls. I wish they would make a movie. I have all 7 seasons, pretty much watch them every year or so..


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