05 October 2011

Hell or high water

It was doubled in length when I lost my count.. goodness me.
I swear, I will get this scarf finished, come Hell or high water.  The first go round, I somehow dropped 4 stitches.  The second go round, I lost my place singing along with an episode of Glee.  This time, I didn't change my needles out when I should have but I am not going to do it now.  I actually kind of like it on the larger needles so I'm not frogging it again.

As it stand right now, I'm almost back to the same length I was at last night when I attempted to tink it but ended up doing a full blown Kermit.  Man, first project challenge of my first ever Nerd Wars and I think that my nerves have somehow gotten the better of me. 

Deep breath.  Calm down.  Just knit.


  1. Well, it is certainly looking lovely despite all the trouble it is causing you. Had a giggle at the singing along part. I was watching a movie in 3D when I managed to have a bit of a stuff up this week. Of course my man was all like I TOLD YOU SO!!! Not that I made a mistake in the actual work mind just forgot to READ the pattern and cast on only half the stitches needed. ARgggghhhh I only knitted about 18 rows of 125st before I noticed. Woops!

  2. I love the color of that scarf- I'm sure it's going to turn out really pretty despite the setbacks :)

    star-crossed smile


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