23 October 2011

I have a small challenge

I love their work, I really do.  It's gorgeous.  Every time I see a pattern that is just perfect for me, I know they wrote it.  It's a constant - our tastes are in perfect harmony.  There is just one challenge - I can't stand the way they write their patterns.

Sure, I could spend half an hour or so reformatting the pattern to meet my needs but I don't think I should have to... or I just don't want to is also a true statement.  Everyone else in the knitting universe writes patterns the same way.  It's like there is an unwritten code of conduct that one must follow if they are to write a pattern for the rest of the world to follow.  So why don't they?

It breaks me heart because I've just spent the past hour going through Ravelry for a cardigan pattern for me.  I found several that I absolutely loved and three that I truly believe I can not live without... although, I am going to have to because they wrote it.  Why!  It's like the knitting universe is playing a prank on me today.

I know, I can either suck it up and rewrite the pattern so it suites me, simply use their pattern as they wrote it and hope for the best or - and this is what I will more than likely end up doing - let out a small sigh of disappointment and simply move on.

... Sigh


  1. Is there no one that has commented on rewriting it in their pattern notes? Maybe you could message them and ask if they can send you their version or notes (if you've already bought the pattern/it's a free pattern)

  2. I love a lot of their designs but have never looked at their patterns. I wonder if anyone else has every explained to them about this issue? Do you think it might be because they try to do so many languages?


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