10 October 2011

Motivational Monday ~ 10/10

Welp, I faltered a bit last week and let other things take over what I had planned so I figured that this week, I will simply try again.  I don't consider it a failure because, to me, the only way to fail is to fail to try - you're beaten before you even begin.

So for this week, I'm going to amend my list and see how I fair with it - I didn't follow the guideline of being specific which allowed me to cheat myself and 'rationalize' my way out of it.  Not this week, bucko!
  • Physical ~ Do the Wii Fit after Pokey leaves for work but before starting chores.  Do the Step exercise twice.
  • Social/Emotional ~ Make a date one night this week with Pokey.  No computers, just curl up and watch one of our favorite movies together.
  • Mental ~ Continue to learn about lace pattern/chart reading.
  • Spiritual ~ Knit for the hour that I wait in the car pick up line.  Relax and focus on the natural soothing rhythm of the process.
I think by being more specific, I will be better able to stick to what I have outlined.  I have a really bad habit of negotiating or rationalizing things out for myself.  Perfect example, I rationalize out the laundry process as my "Physical" because I have to go and gather up all the laundry, sort, stoop to pick it up and put it in the washer and then take it all out of the dryer, fold it and put it away.  Last week I tried to convince myself that it counted as my "Physical" but honestly, that wasn't really any type of movement that did my body any type of good... but I was gullible, tired and accepted it.  I cheated myself basically.

This week, I'm not cheating myself.  I am going to do as I laid out and try to get things moving in a positive direction.  I want to, I honestly do... all I have to do is get started and that is the hardest part.

How did y'all do last week - any tips or tricks or neat activities that you discovered?

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  1. I've been trying to be more aware of my physical activity as well so I've started wearing a pedometer. My goal is at least 10,000 steps/day and 3, 000 of those done at a pace to get my heart-rate up.
    This has been hugely helpful -- can't kid yourself that you've had an "active" day when the pedometer tells you otherwise. It gets me out and moving.


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