07 October 2011

Oh my, Miss Aibileen...

All I want to do is hole up in my bathroom and  have a good cry!  That was just the saddest and most wonderful end to a story that I've read in a long time.  It made my heart break and soar with possibilities all at the same time.  I told Pokey that we can now watch the movie - we MUST watch the movie.  He agreed and totally gets it when I tell him about needing a good cry but couldn't because Hobbit just wouldn't understand. 

My Pokey, God love him, cries during good books and movies.  It is a trait that caught me off guard the first time he did it because in all my years, I've never seen a grown man cry, not even my daddy.  Even when PopPop died, he never shed a tear that I ever saw... I honestly don't know if he's even done it to this day.  So to have married a man who can read a book with tears streaming down his face or watch a movie and blubber right along with you - well, I've grown to appreciate that aspect of my husband.  He's my best friend for a reason - and the best person to watch a chick flick with because he gets just as upset as I do!  He just gets it.


  1. I have the book - have not had a chance to sit down and read it yet. my guy is along the same line of Pokey but not very often.

    Thanks for sharing - love to read your posts.

  2. That book is one of those where there are times you are laughing through your tears. The movie was very good!
    Love that Pokey is not afraid to show his emotions,it is so good for the soul.

  3. Saw the movie - and it was awesome! I lived in Florida and one of my best friends had a mammy - that's what she called her - a really nice gentle black woman...

    The movie reminded me of that time...


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