09 October 2011

Are you... outdated?

This is something that I have been noticing a lot of lately - outdated blog rolls.  It's rather frustrating and a tad confusing to me.  Here is how the scene usually plays out ~ I am reading one of my favorite blogs and I take a scroll through their bloggy goodness list to see if anything catches my eye... when something does, I'll click it - very excited to find a new morsal of deliciousness but quickly let down when the date on the post is back in July... of 2009!

It makes me wonder - do they not actually read the blogs that they listed?  I do - when the color changes from blue to pink, that says to me "Hey Mama, check it out - we wrote something new for you!".  I clap my hands, smile like a dork and read what they've lovingly offered me for the day.  I can promise you that all the bloggy goodness that I have listed are active and they write regularly.  I think my oldest one is three weeks from updating but when she does - yowzah!

So here is my lighthearted, full of love and blessings for your soul plea - check your blog roll every once in a while.  Those of us who wander through would like to see someone who, I don't know, actually writes every now and again.  I promise, if a post hasn't been made since '09, deleting them won't hurt their feelings - they won't even know!  On the off chance you do, tell them I said to... it's okay.  I've got your back.


  1. Well, said. I have to agree with you, but I wouldn't have said it in nearly so eloquent a way

  2. I am probably guilty - and I think I'll head over to my blog and check to see who isn't blogging anymore...


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