12 March 2012

Grief and Mistakes

That's right, you've been warned!
Meredith had this cute post today about the stages of grief when we find mistakes in our knitting so I thought I would share mine with y'all.  This is serious business and one we should never take lightly, knitting mistakes that is... because if we don't, goodness knows that they will slowly take over the entire project, ruin our confidence and make our crafting adventures a living nightmare!  So without further ado...

  1. Notice mistake.
  2. Ignore mistake for several more rows.
  3. Acknowledge mistake and try to strike a plea bargain.
  4. Admit defeat.
  5. Frog the project, all the while Flinstone cursing the mistake.
  6. Get coffee, chocolate and a good movie.
  7. Share news of evil mistake ambush with Ravelry friends.
  8. Rewind yarn while plotting to show mistake who's boss.
  9. Cast on again, determined to get all Chuck Norris on the next mistake that dares to show it's face in my project.
  10. Smile at the fact that I am indeed smarter than my mistake.
There you go - 10 easy steps to mistake free and incredibly pleasurable crafting.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely identify with #2 the most. It's funny how many rows it can take before you are willing to admit that the mistake isn't really a "design feature".


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