02 March 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 3/2 - 3/4

Nerd Wars... all weekend long... nothing but Nerd Wars!
Granny Squares, shawls and scarfs - oh my!  I've got a plate full of knitting to get cracking on and also to make sure that my dissertation doesn't fall of track.  I may or may not have company coming at some point in the next few days... but I definitely will be having a most awesome craft day with my dear friend, Mellie, on Thursday so there is that to look forward to this coming week. Now if we could just get that bullet train between our houses, life would be perfect.

Anything crafty and super fun on your agenda this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. A bullet train from door to door to a dear friend, with knitting to do while speeding along! Sounds perfect!


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