16 March 2012

I just need a moment

Let me get this straight... if a group of so-called adults start acting like a bunch of oversexed, foul-mouthed immature idgets and I write a letter, void of emotion, regarding my displeasure with the situation and possible solutions for moving forward, I'm the one who gets removed from the group?  But wait, not just me but my husband as well?

Your own "rules" state that no one should make an atmosphere that is otherwise hostile, uncomfortable or insulting to another member.  The write up of the group states that your "focus" is to "create a respectful, positive and relaxed OOC atmosphere while maintaining a mature, compelling and immersive IC element to the guild and our role play server at large."

Apparently, these rules and this focus only apply then if you are to stoop to the level of the masses and utter such graphic profane and disgusting things as they do?  It only works if you are a part of the collective group that participates in the bullying and belittling of others?

Gotcha - good to know.  In that case, thanks for saving me the trouble from removing myself from your company.  If you wouldn't mind, disconnect yourselves from our Mumble server as well... oh wait, we'll simply return the favor and do it for you.  There. 

I'll be sure to step over you, down there in the gutter, the next time I walk through Fleet.

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