23 March 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 3/23 - 3/25

It is time to refocus on the dissertation.  I have one month to do what I did in two!
Today was the first day of dissertation check-ins for NerdWars.  I posted mine and I am exactly halfway done with my blanket.  This thought made me all warm and fuzzy, rather proud and slightly chuffed up about my crochet prowess... and then a thought hit me - I have one month to accomplish what took me two!

Time to get back cracking on this blanket before time runs out.  I have never not finished a NerdWars challenge that I set out to do.  I always answer all the challenges each round and this tournament, I opted for a dissertation.  A new adventure to challenge myself and I will buggered if I don't finish... buggered I say!

So... what's on your agenda this weekend?

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