21 March 2012

Miss Waddlesworth

So pretty in pink.
Her first name is Estelle but I prefer to call her Miss because her last name makes me giggle.  She was created in response to a KAL hosted by the precious mother/daughter team of Simply Notable.  The guidelines were simple - make something that made you think of Spring... and nothing screams it more than a chocolate giving pig, no?

You see Miss Waddlesworth is an excellent chocolate truffle hunter. None can hide from her superior chocolate truffle tracking skills. Now yes, chocolate truffle tracking is a dirty job but Miss Waddlesworth is always neat and pretty in her spring dress and matching shoes.  The final touch, a beautiful yellow bloom tucked behind her ear.  Is there anything better than a smartly dressed pig?
Miss Waddlesworth!

Don't be fooled my her sweet appearance though, do you see that mischievous grin? I would venture to guess that all the chocolate truffles don't make it to their proper final destination, if you know now what I mean.  She is also rather cheeky - I mean look at her, flashing her bloomers and waggling her tail at me!

There is still time to join in the fun - the KAL doesn't close until March 31st... and did I mention that there were some yummy prizes up for grabs as well?  No, oh well check it out and see for yourself.

Welcome to the family, Miss Estelle Waddlesworth.  You are going to fit right in.

I think Hobbit and Miss Waddlesworth are going to be the best of friends.

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