06 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday/Tunes

Carole gave us the prompt of "ten things in your purse" so here we go ~

I honestly just dumped it out and photographed it... well, I tidied the arrangement first
  1. My books: A) Nerd Wars notes/ideas/timelines, B) Inspiration/Idea Journal, C) Calendar, D) Reading book (currently re-re-reading the Harry Potter series).  My pen and pencil are on there too but I figure that they go with the books, like a set.
  2. My 'cheat sheet' because you never know when you'll find a great deal on some yummy yarn.
  3. My hairbrush because I can't stand messy hair.
  4. My camera (which was used to take this photo)
  5. My 'essentials' bag which contains my inhaler, random medicine like Tylenol/Lactaid/Benadryl and girlie things.
  6. My wallet which is also a wristlet so I don't have to carry my big bag in for little grocery pop-ins.
  7. My hand lotion.
That's what is honestly currently in my pocketbook right now.  Yes, mine is a messenger bag with a most amazing print that I received for Christmas but it works great because normally, I have a small knitting project bag in there as well but I'm not working on anything small at the moment - all my projects require their own tote but I'm seeing a lot of smaller knits in my future because I like having a project in my bag.

For those who truly know me, you will understand this song and for those who might be wondering why I chose it, I will simply pray that you find the beauty in it for yourself.


  1. Beautiful song...oh my.
    Love your purse contents ...fun Carole workout today


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