25 March 2012

Sunday Snaps

This little beauty is currently en route to Orlando... more on Monday.

This little beauty and I played in the kitchen some this week.

This little beauty convinced me that it was time to honestly try amigurumi.

This little beauty is finally where she should be at school.
This little beauty will be completed today after many false starts yesterday.

This little beauty is chilling under a tent today.
As you can see, it's been a beautiful week. Just one of those weeks where things start to fall into place and you can see it all coming together. A week where smiles are sprouting around every corner. I am a firm believe that you are responsible for the energy that you bring into a space... I also think that negative energy is toxic and contagious. This week, we rid our lives of so much negative energy that that positive influx was absolutely palpable. It touched every corner of our world and it was beautiful.

So here's to more beautiful weeks ahead!

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