07 March 2012

Just so space cadety

Today is the day that the scores for Round One of Tournament 4 for Nerd Wars... then the machine had a moment and Elise was at work so she couldn't spend time adjusting it.  It isn't an "Oh Emme Ghee" moment, just a hiccup that she couldn't access from home... and because I was teased with two categories and the rest is on hold until later, well it all just kind of leaves my brain something close a space cadet - look ~

I need to learn new things with crochet - like how to actually do it
Some new ideas for supper would be great - like Greek Chicken Stew
I should make myself some tops like this one.
I need to decide what weight I want to get this charity yarn in before I miss it again.
Play my game more I will... yes.
So that's my brain.  I attempted to teach myself some new crochet moves but who knows if I failed or not.  I'm digging it but I think if I really knew what was I was doing then it would be truly epic.

Time for supper, a bit of knitting and a bunch of Idol - then I'll check back to see if the scores are up again... either way, it's going to be a spacey kind of night.

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