28 March 2012

Today I Will...

Get off my fluffy duff and ride my bike (source)
Get back to work on my dissertation - I have a goal of 1 Large and 3 small squares today.
Comfort food supper - Meatloaf, Mac n' Cheese and Beets
Pretty low key day around here.  I've already done my five miles - not bad for a fluffy asthmatic - and now it's time for a shower and some quality crochet efforts.  I really want to go back to making toys but I have to finish this dissertation on time and I've been ignoring it for far too long.  I fear I might not make it... which is why I've put myself on project lock down until the next round of NerdWars starts.  Hopefully, it will put me with a completed third panel and a partially completed 4th... granted, the next round starts in 3 days time and I'm going to spend Friday with my dear friend but I live for impossible goals.

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