24 March 2012

Lucky ducky

I was asked to share what all came in my giveaway parcels and I said that I would today. So without further ado - here you go, Danielle...

Going Clockwise from 6: Yarnie goodness, a notebook, chocolate bar and note cards from Kym

Isn't this yarn absolutely gorgeous!  It screams me and it is so soft.  I have 240 yds of goodness.

Coffee collar and notebook cover from Cheree
Those are my two fabulous packages that came in.  I also sent a package out yesterday.  It has to travel all the way to Orlando, a whopping two hours from my house.  It's not the physical destination that makes it amazing to me... it's what will happen to it afterwards that make me explode with joy.  More on that Monday, I promise.

Yesterday, after my victorious failure, I went to the store and picked up the most perfect book.  I love getting my JoAnn flier in the mail with my 40% off coupon... and I love it even more when I have some extra pocket money to use it!  Now, I am the proud owner of this:

Hobbit has already requested about 80% of the book as friends for Miss Waddlesworth
and the directions are all easy as pie to understand... all except the most important one which has left in me frustrated beyond belief since last night ~

My brain just isn't grasping what they are wanting me to do here!
Time to do what any other craft hungry person would do - search Ravelry and YouTube for helpful hints, tricks and techniques!!  If y'all can break this down so it makes better sense to me, I'd really appreciate it.  I have a butterfly waiting to be created that would greatly appreciate it too!

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