01 February 2012

Contest Ends Tonight!

I'm going through reading all the projects and entries so be sure to get yours in tonight.  I am hoping to have them all read and announce a winner tomorrow or Friday.  The four places to submit:
  1. Linking your project page with the required information in the comments.
  2. Emailing it straight to me via the email in my blog profile.
  3. Posting it to our Ravelry group.
  4. Posting it to our Facebook wall.
Four very user friendly entry points and the required information is a snap too:
  1. Explain the technique used.
  2. Why was this technique a challenge for you?
  3. The story of your crafting journey.
  4. Necessary contact information (Rav ID or email)
Right now, I'll leave you with this adorable photo of Hobbit and my first Nerd Wars Tournament 4 submission of Round 1... to be followed by submissions 2 and 3 later tonight.  I promise to elaborate fully tomorrow.

That's some super over the top cuteness right there, isn't it... kinda makes your teeth hurt it's so sweet.

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