17 February 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 2/17 - 2/20

After a most disappointing Thursday, I'm having a fiber fun-filled weekend.
  1. Check out my new kit that came in the mail yesterday from my Hook & Needle club.  It's my second installment and I'm still not sure I like the group.
  2. Finish or Frog this morphed creation and reclaim my needles.
  3. Check out my first kit from the Hook & Needle club and either make one or baggie it away for a future giveaway.
  4. Continue slogging away on my Nerd Wars dissertation.
  5. Bust open the packaging on my Turkish spindle and see if I possess any skill whatsoever in operating it.
  6. I have been dying to cast on with this gorgeous yarn since I got it the other week so I'm going to be hunting for the perfect pattern.
Did anyone notice that I have a three day weekend this weekend?  Yep, I do and initially we were going to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom park but we're thinking of shelving our plans.  So the three of us will probably be hanging out at home on Monday... one reading in her room, one probably on his computer and me in my chair, covered in yarn.

Does anyone else have a long weekend - anything fun planned?

1 comment:

  1. You made me very excited for the weekend and to knit :) Your projects & plans sound fantastic. If you manage to touch half of them you are my hero! Have a great weekend. As always thanks for the great posts!


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