10 February 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 2/10 - 2/12

My shawl and my blanket, that's my focus this weekend.
I'm almost done with the last big square for this panel and then I'm going to go 'off pattern'.  You see, the original design just has the squares joined directly but Pokey and I agreed that it made the quilt a bit too crazy for us so I'm going to add a round of single crochet on each square in white and then I'm going to join them.  It breaks them up just enough so that you can see the definition of each square. 

There are 3 main panels that consist of 3 large squares, 2 medium squares and 8 small ones.  There are also two divider panels but I wanted to knock out the main ones first because the big squares take me a bit longer than I anticipated.  I'm also doing the edging and joining now so it isn't a huge daunting task later.

That's my plan for this weekend but for today, while Hobbit is at school, I'm going to work on her shawl.  It's for her birthday in April and she has been asking for a shawl for about a year now and I think she just might be old enough to appreciate one.  Just in case I'm wrong, I'm not doing anything spectacular (ie lace) so I won't be completely gutted if it gets ruined.  I am hoping to have it completed and blocking by Monday so that I can put it up and she'll be surprised.  This is one of my few knitting projects that she has yet to take notice of so I just might get away with it.

Anything crafty on the weekend horizon for you?


  1. Heading to my first of two "flat glove" classes tomorrow. :o) Happy weekend!

  2. That sounds like a really nice present for hobbit, I hope she appreciates it!


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