16 February 2012

She's up

There she is...
Has been since about 6:30 a.m.  She doesn't need to be up.  In all reality, she should go back to sleep.  Her alarm will go off at 8 a.m. and then she can be up for real, but not now.  It will throw her off for the rest of the day and we've already had a not so great week... but still, she's up.

Yellow, green and purple.  While they do represent the colors of the upcoming season, they aren't the ones I want to see on her daily behavioral report from school... but that's how our week has gone.  Yes, I understand that some people just have an 'off day' but an entire week - have mercy.

Even thirty more minutes would have been good.  All I want is for her to have a fabulous day at school.  Just one day where her teacher didn't give her the stink-eye... one day where she doesn't do something wrong in somebody's eyes.  Yeah, I know the label has already been stuck on her but that doesn't mean it's any less wrong.  Every day should be a fresh start, a new beginning, without any of the mess of the days prior clouding it over.  It should, but it isn't.

If a child has built a reputation such as Hobbit has managed to do for herself this school year, it is hard to undo it.  Teachers and faculty talk - they all know her name.  Sure, part of it is because she is such a gregarious child but part of it is because of other reasons... reasons of her own creation to get attention that have back fired.  This has been the worst school year... ever... seriously.  In all my 39 years, I have never had a school year as horrible as this one.  Not when I was in school and not when Peanut was in school.

... in all her glory.
I couldn't have been blessed with two children who are more complete opposites of one another.  Peanut was quiet, shy and introverted.  She did well enough in school that she simply went through life unnoticed and that is how she wanted it... still does actually, even now that she's an adult and off at college.  Hobbit is loud, extremely social and as extroverted as you can get.  She is smart but lazy in school - she would rather do things that are fun and apparently, lessons aren't fun.  She is sneaky and defiant.  Don't get me wrong, she is also funny and lovable but her stubbornness and strong-willed nature make each day a bit difficult, both at home and at school.  The difference is, at home we start each day new.

I wish that I had one of the flashy memory things from "Men In Black" that I could use.  I'd go into school with her every morning and zap her teacher.  If a "good" child has a bad moment, it's just a bad moment... if a "troublesome" child has a bad moment, it's proof of the label that the child has been given and blown out of proportion.  As a parent of both, I know this to be true.  Yes, I know she's difficult... I'm not delusional.  I'll tell you flat out that she's an opinionated, stubborn mess but that doesn't mean she can't be good too.

It just means that she is a fun-size version of her mother...

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