07 February 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I just made a deal with Hobbit - heaven help me.  Her room is in a constant state of disarray and I can't stand it.  She "cleans" it up... if you consider different piles in different parts of the room as 'clean'.  I don't.

Today, after school, she and I are going to thin out her belongings.  Some will go to storage.  Some will go to charity.  Some will silently slip off into the night.  Initially, it was going to be all me and some trash bags but in the calmer light of day, I struck a deal.

Either way, change is gonna come and our house will be happier when it's done.


  1. Great tune. Good luck with the room. Always a never-ending battle here. My dh and I can't understand it. Both of us were neat-freaks with our rooms. What-up with those kiddos??? We've threatened, and enforced, the "if you don't clean it, we WILL" (trash bags included)on a couple occasions. Oh, the crying! And yet, lesson not learned. Ugh. I guess it's because they are upstairs and I don't get up there much...?

    1. Hobbit is downstairs now that Peanut is off at school. They were both upstairs and, like you, I didn't get up there much. Hopefully it will all kick in this time... if not, we will be acting more swiftly and much sooner to keep it in check. I have now banned the plea "Can I do it tomorrow?" because tomorrow never comes!

  2. I did this with my daughter often and she learned the value of giving away. She still makes piles as a young woman now, and gives her clothes to charity. You are teaching a great thing.


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