15 February 2012

Now, we're outnumbered.

At the start of yesterday, we were a family of 5 - three humans and two animals.  It was a nice arrangement because everything was shared, at least in theory. 

Y'all remember him.. right?
Not long after Pokey and I got married, we decided to rescue a dog, enter "Buddy the Wonder Mutt".  Hobbit had to have a fish so we got "Fishey Fish Fish Nemo [ourlastnamehere]" who is a Japanese fighting fish.  Now, something needs to be clarified - while Hobbit had to have the fish, Pokey has since claimed him although he is in complete denial of this fact.  You ask him, he'll say he's Hobbit's... ask Hobbit and she'll claim him too - although Pokey is the one who feeds him daily, turns his light on, changes his water and talks to him... shoot, he's even located in a spot where only Pokey can physically reach him (on the shelf behind his computer)... so yeah, "Fishey Fish Fish Nemo [ourlastnamehere]" is Pokey's... moving on.

Ever since we first saw "Bedtime Stories", Hobbit has been fascinated with guinea pigs.  They were cute, cuddly, small and made sweet noises.  Then we saw "G-Force" and it got worse.  Every time we went past a PetSmart she would beg to go in and then drool at the case like I do looking at all the pretty yarn over the internet.  Yesterday, I had a thought - and I acted on it.  We went in and priced everything out, talked to Trevor and learned a lot.  Then, we left - empty-handed.  There were other errands to run and I wasn't moved by any of the critters they had at the store.  Sure, they were cute but I was going to let Hobbit pick one out after school as a surprise Valentine's Day gift (because the last thing she needed was more candy).

Isn't he awesome?!?!
During our gallivanting around town, we came across another store of the same brand as earlier.  The staff wasn't as knowledgeable or as friendly but there he was all the same.  Cutest thing with a white mohawk that made him look like a little skunk - and begging me to pick him up... so naturally, I did.  The associate who helped us was one who you could tell wasn't an animal lover - this was just a job and she was more concerned with whether or not she had something on her shoe than being sweet to the furbabies inhouse.  She claimed all the little critters bit and had foul dispositions, shoot she wasn't even knowledgeable - case in point, I offer you a direct quote... "Chinchillas used to be extinct"... ummm, what?  How can something be extinct one minute and then sitting in the habitat above my future snuggle buggie boo?  That solidified it for me, not only was I loving that little stinker, I was going to save him from the freaky ignorant woman with the super huge mole growing out of the back of her head... seriously, it was freaky, but I digress.

Sweet crib for the little furbaby.
The store we were at didn't have the cage set up that I wanted so we went back to the other one and picked it up.  We also had purchased a roaming ball (which guinea pigs can't use because it will hurt their backs - they don't bend like hamsters do.. just an fyi) but it was cracked so I had to take that back when I picked up Hobbit from school.  It was a guinea pig paradise.  It was now time to go and get Hobbit so I set off and when she was safely in the car, we headed to the store - she had no clue what was coming next, and honestly - neither did I.  The plan was that she was going to 'test drive' them to see if she liked them.. then come home to Stinker and if she was able to help me care for him, she would get a surprise one on her birthday.  Yeah, that plan went out the water when we learned about size dominance, cage ownership and neutral grounds... if she was able to handle them and not afraid, we were going to have move up her birthday present idea to today... oh boy!  She 'test drove' several 'models' and then she saw him.  The guinea pig of her dreams and complete with a pleading look fit for animation glory, she set out to try and "convince" me that I should get her one... that one.

Yeah, I know but still, they're cute!
Now what fun would it be if I were to spill the beans now?  I let her work on her negotiating skills, even though they are honed to perfection already - I swear, she should be a lawyer when she grows up.  She asked Miss Lindsey every question she could think of - some were actually really good, some where manipulative nonsensical to get the answer she wanted to 'prove her point' to me... I told you, she's good.  At the end, I let her 'win' and we brought home Flimzie. 

Now, we're outnumbered... three humans, two guinea pigs, one wonder mutt and one fish with a horribly long name.  Welcome to our menagerie.


  1. Awww, there is nothing as great a teacher as a pet for a child....
    here's to the adorable ones

  2. Many years ago I had a friend who had a GP who had the run of the house....was litter box trained! Always made me want one....but never had the type of dogs that we thought would get along with one, caged or not...

  3. Very cute! And I'm glad you got two, I was getting worried there!

  4. What a cutie! Congrats on the new family member!


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